Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

The esteemed clients of WordVeda are advised to go through the terms and conditions in a careful manner before availing our training and project consultation services:-

1. We do not accept any kinds of technical liability and issues related to website update as well as maintenance. Though, our team tries its best to ensure that alternative modes of communication are always available.

2. Once the completed deliverables are sent, we are not responsible for any kind of loss of information/materials from the client end.

3. We ensure that we handle the customized client orders through highly qualified and suitable subject matter experts. But, we do not claim responsibility of failure of any project to perform as our assistance is based on ethical guidance onsubject matter and consultation support.

4. All our services are provided for the primary objective of helping the clients in better understanding of their subject matter and assisting them in solving the projects by themselves.

5. The project solutions provided by our Organization are for guidance purpose only and for helping the client to ultimately solving the same with own efforts.

6. The terms and conditions are revised from time to time and we advise our clients to remain updated with the current changes in the terms of use.

7. Our solutions are highly customized in nature except the standard courses of training and development. That is why the cost of the services are also customized as per the requirements of the customers.

8. All of our student clients must be above 18 years of age. We sell our digital products and services only to the clients equal to or above 18 years of age.

9. We consider the original set of instructions provided by the client while booking the order to be the base criteria of quality work. In case of any additional information provided in any later stage, such requirements can be deemed extra and will be quoted accordingly.