Refund Policy

Attaining the highest level of customer satisfaction is a matter of immense importance for our Organization and all our team members. We have devised these revisions, refunds and cancellation policies in order to protect your interest when you do not receive our services as per the promise during making a purchase. It is also to be noted that while making an Order/Enquiry, the client needs to ensure by himself/herself that he/she has gone through our policies and you are in agreement with the same.

It is also crucial to mention that the date of delivery will not be changed after placing of Order with us. In some conditions, based on client requests, we might take any such decision. But such decisions will be made by WordVeda only.

It is very rare that our projects do not meet the minimum required criteria of quality. In cases where the client does receive such “FAIL” grade feedback from proper evaluation authorities, 50% of the net amount received (without the transaction fees) is refunded. This is because we allocate remunerations to our Experts and after significant amount of time of project delivery, it is not practically possible to get the mount in return from the experts. But, we would be ready to complete any similar project of same value covering the same 50% amount for the client once the claim is duly verified by our refund processing team. Project deadline will be a crucial factor in such cases.

Following are the circumstances under which 50% refund is processed:-

*There must be a valid proof from where it is clearly verified that the client has failed in the desired criteria of quality. Only after the delivery of such documents like graded feedback., refund will be initiated.

**Our refund processing team will conduct a comprehensive check of the client claim before the processing of refund. That is why the authority of final decision is with the refund processing team of WordVeda.

***When our team doesn’t deliver any task to the client, the paid amount would be adjusted in the next project of the client of similar complexity and value.

Clauses of NO Refund:

Following are the conditions under which no refund is processed:-

• For any type of customized project assistance below 60 hours of provided deadline after payment.
• For any claim after 30 days of the final services or project delivery.
• In cases where the final submission of the deliverables is preponed unilaterally by the client.
• In cases where quality parameters could not be ensured due to the lack of sufficient information from the client side. In such circumstances, no refund is processed.
• The unfavorable outcome of the deliverables is caused by any particular issue from the client side such as not providing complete set of information or guidelines due to not answering the concern or query from our experts is another cause of non-refund. As our team makes advance payments to the experts, such cases are also non-adjustable against the payment of previous order.
• If the delay in delivery is due to any issue from the client side such as not answering the queries and not submitting sufficient task details to our internal team.