Our Vision:

WordVeda delivers customized academic assistance to the higher educational students. The Company was founded in 2018 to revolutionize academic help industry and to be the most loved tutor which enables & uplifts students to solve their own academic projects in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Our Mission:

In a mission to be the most loved & trusted academic help provider to the International Students community in Australia, UK and the USA in the next 5 years; we adopt the principle of continuous improvement in our work culture. Whatever we do is directed towards helping the students to understand the subject matter in the most ethical and efficient way possible.

Journey of WordVeda

Our journey began with deep-routed and insightful experiences of our Founding Members across various verticals in E-Learning. While our experience exposed us to disparate avenues and opportunities E-Learning presents, it also brought us face to face with some crucial pain points faced by international students on an ongoing basis.

Our keen observation made us realize that international students who travel to counties like Australia, UK and the USA in pursuit of better education and career options often face significant barriers. Commonly a paradigm shift in the very meaning of education coupled with language barriers and requirements of written assessments aligning with set evaluation criteria often render international students scared and helpless. Unable to cope, students often find themselves engaging in Academic Misconduct and falling prey to fraudulent Assignment Assistance organizations.

This momentous realization proved pivotal in shaping and developing WordVeda into an organization that dedicates its services towards helping students truly learn and strengthen their knowledge base. Services offered by WordVeda typically concentrate on offering holistic and cost- effective learning solutions to students who wish to be empowered and take the responsibility of their own Academic growth.

With concentrated and consistent efforts, we sincerely hope to weed out Academic malpractices and offer empowered education to all International students.

Our Core Values:

  • Continuous Learning

    WordVeda fosters an environment of learning and empowerment where capability enhancement takes precedence.

  • Commitment

    WordVeda remains strongly focused and committed towards creating value and resolving pain points of our student clients.

  • Accountability

    WordVeda highly encourages assuming complete responsibility for all professional decision making in the workplace.

  • Team Achievement

    WordVeda thrives on Team Achievement where helping and uplifting each other is valued.

  • Respecting Diversity

    WordVeda truly believes in the power of diversity and strives to ensure that every individual feels respected.

Our Management Team

Uddipta Pratim Hazarika - Director, Sales and BD

Innovation, Continuous Learning and Client Satisfaction being the value drivers for Uddipta, make him an agile business professional. A city dweller who loves to travel and find new adventures along the way, Uddipta has an experience in working with various MNCs and Start-Ups. Nothing satisfies Uddipta more than meeting new people, developing new relationships, solving problems, and contributing to the overall growth of the business.

Palak Chandra - Director, Academics and Quality Assurance

With over 9 years of experience in the field of Academics, Palak as a seasoned professional has worn many hats on the professional front. Having completed her Bachelor's from Drexel University, USA and an MBA from IBS Gurgaon, Palak believes that data should drive decisions, but with fresh creativity to support it, all with the goal of aggressively growing the business or idea. When not at work, she likes to travel and explore new places.

Javed Alam - Director, Head of Operations

Javed brings the engineering discipline to the world of E-learning and Operations. Having completed his O levels from the University of Staffordshire, Javed has learnt the ropes of the E-Learning and Academic Industry and is a veteran in the field of Academics. He has been challenging the foundations of traditional business methods for over 10 years and using his engineering smarts to help WordVeda with their operations. A teetotaller, foodie and movie buff best describe Javed in his free time.

Amrutha Dubey - Team Lead and Manager - International Sales

Growth is the underlying passion that drives Amrutha's marketing acumen and writing spirits. With a foundation in Finance and Foreign Language Translation, she brings in growth trajectory, brand development and team building to the table. Her philosophies are: Plan strategically. Be efficient to hit multiple birds with one stone. And be metric driven. When not working, she likes yelling at athletes on TV who can't hear her, watching Kenny Sebastian clips on YouTube, devouring something with ketchup or sleeping.