Privacy Policy

Promise of Confidentiality: We promise to all our esteemed clients that the project details, contact information and professional conversations are not shared with anyone outside our organization or anyone who are not associated with our Organization. The role of third parties might come in case of disputes or any similar situations where both client and seller of services are equally entitled to use the platform. Such parties are designated and renowned payment gateway providers which are used in transactions. Sharing of details for such resolution of disputes would not be considered as breach of privacy as the payment partners are equally associated with the clients and WordVeda as two parties of transaction.

In cases of complying with the law of the land, we reserve the right to disclose any necessary information to designated government agencies.

Just like the clients, as explained above, we also maintain the confidentiality of the contact information, internal business communication details of the subject matter experts who work with us in a freelancing arrangement.

On purchasing our services and digital products, the clients will be deemed to be in agreement with our privacy policy and the terms and conditions.

Similarly, once the agreement is signed by our freelance academic writers with WordVeda, it is understood that they are in full agreement with all the terms and conditions and privacy policies which are signed by them during the time of induction and all the policies present in this website of WordVeda.

Other notable terms of conditions:

The clients should go through the following terms and conditions and be in agreement with them before making an Order:-

• Our team tries its best to allocate your task to the most proficient and suitable expert at the given point of time. But, it is the responsibility of the clients to provide comprehensive set of requirements to us as per their specific order.
• Our completely free revision policy is applicable if the client is not satisfied with any of our promised features.
• Our team is available almost 24*7 across chat/emails. However, in case of any technical updates, maintenance of sites and errors in communication channels, our team is not liable.
• The final decisions adopted by our Refund/Revision Processing Team will be final in case of any deviations or disagreement.
• Our terms and conditions generally keep updated as per the current trends of the industry. Our clients should be regularly updated with our latest terms and conditions.