Cancellation Policy

A booked order can be cancelled by the client side only within first 2 hours after payment for urgent deliveries within 72 hours of deadlines.

If any order deadline is more than 72 hours, it can be cancelled by the client within 12 hours maximum. In such cases, based on the analysis of the efforts of our internal teams or any losses incurred by WoirdVeda, a minimum amount might be deducted.

If we are unilaterally extend the mutually agreed deadlines or do not adhere to the mutually agreed deadlines by more than 24 hours, the client can cancel the particular order.

WordVeda reserves right for cancellation of any paid orders in cases of major policy violation by any client.

In some rare cases, where we feel that we would not be able to do justice to any booked orders, we would cancel the order and make full payment refund except the transaction charges.

In cases of partial payments cases, if we deliver half of the deliverables and then the client decides not to go ahead with us for the remaining parts, previous payments cannot be refunded by us.