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  • Individualized and need-based coaching sessions for unique Assignment problems
  • Quick identification and resolution of specific problem areas by experienced experts
  • Choose from real-time sessions, chatting or guided documentation options
  • Completely ethical service delivery
  • Pay only for resolving your specific problems and not for an entire Assignment
  • Specific focus on knowledge enhancement and student empowerment
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Customized Coaching Sessions at WordVeda

When presented with an Academic Assignment, every student has a different approach. In conjuncture with a unique approach, problems faced in solving assignments also vary. While a particular student might find it difficult to find relevant research material, another might be scared of referencing. Similarly, while a student may not be able to apply theory to practice, another might find comprehending requirements a mammoth task.

While helping students on an everyday basis, we at WordVedarealized that student requirements can never be fulfilled in a One Size fits All format! We therefore introduced our Customized Coaching sessions allowing students to take advantage of personalized sessions.

Initially directed at International students enrolled in Universities across geographies of Australia, UK, Canada and USA, WordVeda's coaching sessions can be taken advantage of by any student who intends to avail a customized solution. Students can book these sessions at their convenience and need not be worry about having being dragged through their coursework or concentrating on areas which they consider as their strength.

Adding to student convenience, Customized Coaching can be availed in the form of 1 on 1 online real time sessions or by chatting with our dedicated experts. Alternately, students may also opt for receiving a written guided response to their specific problem. By specifically catering to customized student concerns, WordVeda truly seeks to enhance student knowledge and empower them!

How It Works

Let's understand our key services through real case scenarios based on client happiness.

Our Main Advantages

  • Individualized Sessions

    Strictly defying the One Size Fits All phenomenon, every coaching session focuses on a specific student-defined problem area. Our Sessions therefore are efficient, focused and stand apart from the status-quo!

  • Added Convenience

    Client convenience is a priority at WordVeda. Our dedicated experts are therefore available via real-time online, chat or remote support modes. Experts can be contacted round the clock and offer quick and easy solutions to every Assignment problem

  • Customized Pricing

    While hoping to help students, we price our sessions based on specific problems faced instead of entire Assignments. This makes our pricing customized, affordable and worth every penny spent!

  • Student Empowerment

    We as an organization are committed towards empowering students. Our Customised coaching sessions thus enable students to take on their own Assignments in an effective manner. Our offering thus is ethical as well as sustainable.